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Most styles are one-of-a-kind. When a pictured item is sold, I can provide a nearly identical fabric, or a replacement according to a new photo. Basic items such as jeans, tee shirts, and underclothes are most always available.

Doll Accessories
Many accessories are commercial although I make some purses, slippers, and shoes. Look for the notations: commercial or handmade.  A fellow artist makes some of my doll jewelry and it will be labeled as Jewelry by Heart Strings.

Shoes  |  Jewelry  |  Purses  |  Glasses

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Doll Sizes

Not sure what size of doll you are trying to purchase clothing for? Use the guidelines below to determine the size of doll you have.

  • 18" American Girl-type: full cloth body with waist approximately 10 1/2 inches.
  • Antique and collectible (state specific doll; i.e., Shirley Temple, Chatty Cathy, etc. including height of doll.)
  • Barbie-type: 11 1/2" fashion doll with small waist.
  • Betsy McCall-type: 8" and 14" vinyl doll body with proportionate waists.
  • Boy doll Various sizes ranging from 13" full-body type to 22" cloth body with full waist of approximately 12 inches.
  • Cabbage Patch-type: Two sizes: 13" with 9" waist and 18" tall with 12 1/2" waist.
  • Gene-type 15 1/2" fashion dolls.
  • Hopscotch Hill School-type: dolls 16" tall with 6" waist.
  • 18" Magic Attic-type: slender body with waist approximately 9 inches.
  • Teddy Bear - Many sizes available including the 13" & 18" Cabbage Patch-type measurements given above. 

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Custom Orders*
Custom orders can be measured using the table below. 
Fabric selections include your choice of color and fabric type. If you prefer Iíll notify you via e-mail concerning choices available.

These photos represent types and sizes available.  

These specific items are already sold; therefore, not available.


PicCUS100.jpg (41052 bytes)


10 1/2" Little Bo Peep dressed in pink/white checked gingham, w/matching bonnet,  white apron, slip & bloomers. 

5 pcs.   





PicCUS101.jpg (69030 bytes)


24" doll dressed in green cotton print w/white contrasting yoke, cuffs & ruffles.  Slip included. 

 2 pcs. 




PicCUS102.jpg (81036 bytes)

16" Shirley Temple in plaid cotton jumper w/white blouse.  

 2 pcs.   



PicCUS103.jpg (65747 bytes)


15" dress of green taffeta, lace trim & contrasting plaid bodice.  Antique buttons. 

1 pc.  





PicCUS104.jpg (60782 bytes)

12" Pitiful Pearl dressed in apple print cotton w/contrasting patches and head scarf.  "Gold" apple pin at neckline.  

2 pcs.   




PicCUS105.jpg (33471 bytes)

14" doll's christening/baptismal gown in white batiste trimmed with eyelet and lt. blue ribbon.  Slip included.  

  2 pcs.   




Dresses, Nighties, Coats, etc.

1. Overall heights   

2. Waist ___________in./cm.
3. Chest/breast line ___________in./cm.
4.Neckline to waist ___________in./cm.
5.Waist to ankle ___________in./cm.
6. Shoulder to wrist ___________in./cm.


Circumference of head

Shoes/ Slippers

Trace around bare foot.

1. Waist ___________in./cm.
2.Waist to center of crotch. ___________in./cm.
3. Inseam from crotch to ankle ___________in./cm.

*Custom orders start at $35.00. I can give you an approximate cost, and completed garment(s) will not exceed 15% of that estimate.

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